07 August 2010

For Us To Share

You see no bruise
You see no mark on my skin
Yet I feel the pain

A single cut on her hand
Soon a bleeding arm for me

Tears for her
A thousand blade
Slice through my skin

I can't cure
I can't heal
All I can do
Hold her close
Place my chin upon her brow
And whisper

"Dear Allah, please take her pain away"


syafawani said...

the most important thing is u r there with her whenever she needs u..u r the doctor of everything in her own so called 'world'..thank you:)

Mr.P said...

yeah..that's right
im relieved... :)

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

no worries bro. minah tu kuat walau pun lembik juga kadang-kadang tu. hehehe..

Mr.P said...

hehe..seimbang la..kuat sgt nnt bini i jd tomboy lak..huhuhu

syafawani said...

oihh..amboi sakan noh cik oshinz n Mr.P ni ehh..haha..this is the way i am la dear bro n sis:) keh3

Mr.P said...

opppsss...dia datang~
da p specialist blom mucuk?