20 May 2010

A Friend at 2.39 AM

My eyes are sore, cigarette between my fingers, my laptop's fans are buzzing and I still can't get into sleep. Is it just my bad habit or perhaps a disorder? What ever the answer is, I don't care. Oh damn! This is my last cigarette. The box is empty and I'm too lazy to get my ass to the 7E.

I don't know what bothers me, but I'm kinda missing all my friends lately. I want a reunion. But I'm too down to the earth to meet them. Yeah, I bet you know why. I was in boarding school before. All my colleagues were some crazy genius asses. Now they are doctors, engineers, chemists and pilots. Me? I'm a god damn teacher. Nothing really special about it.

Well, it's true what my dad used to say before -"One day you're going to feel ashamed of yourself when everybody around you had a better, successful career than you do". Yes dad. I feel it now. I've done nothing special in my life except spending my god damn 15 years just for study. I've spoiled my records in high school, wasted a year in matriculation and currently in IPG and yet I never achieved something proud for myself.

But yesterday my friend said something that would change my pathetic mind. Seriously he's the guy who make my day. He said, "If you want to be success, look at the people above you. If you feel left behind, look at the people beneath you". Thanks dude. I thought I don't have any REAL friends anymore.

13 May 2010


Patience has limit
Courage has its end point
Justice is getting scarce
 Truth will be gone someday

But love never had one
It's getting overdriven

Ceasefire Won't Be Necessary

Those tiny cracks are getting bigger
A little sunlight
Came through the window
Distorting the illusion

A mole simply playing the dirt
And we are on a merry-go-round
Shooting pie at one another
With our true selves beneath the smiley mask

Playing nice isn't the virtue
Be a renegade isn't the point
We were talking to the hands
Because the face don't understand

Take It Or Leave It

 I'm ain't a doctor
Not even a faith healer

Simply just care about a person called friend...