01 April 2010

Life As It Comes and Go

A ticking clock could never be stopped
Therefore so much had happened
Without knowing they occurred around us
When we can't be able to control them

A year has past already?
I wish we will always stay the same
So we could live so long
When we know there isn't much time left

As life comes and go
Yet you still here
Dancing in my heart
Yes, you had always been a good dancer

"I love you"
Those words seemed much gentle than usual
I know it through your eyes
My dark, pale skin almost blushing

And the year is over
But not our loves story
There won't be any ending
Because this is my promise to you


Thank you Syafawani...


syafawani said...

ya2..i love dancing so much..buleh?haha..tibe jer..keh3!
emm the storyline can never ends until u put a lil full stop 2 it:)

dafFodiLs (",) said...

so sweett mr.P hehe...

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

pray for ur happiness my friend. cepat kumpul duit.. that girl named "syafawani" is hot stuff u know. haha.. okeh crap! happy belated birthday ya!

Mr.P said...

hehe..tau2.tp dh pencen kn?
i couldn't place a dot in this story, not even a comma..

dafFodiLs (",):
tq ms daff.... :)

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta:
tq..hot stuff??what do u mean?haaa..tell me sumtin i didn't know.cepat!hehe