19 April 2010

Please Get Well Soon

Your smile has faded
Just like the light disappeared
In the brink of sunset
Your laugh has dissipated
Making me miserable
When I'm running towards you

Day by day
Pain strangle you in the neck
Suffocating both of us
As we can't breath
Like we used to
I won't let it take that away

I want to bear your pain
Taking it with me
And cry myself into sleep
So the night could sympathize
And bring you there
To hold me

I know I could help
But your determination
Was astonishing
Your patience
Surpasses everything
I'm now relieved



0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

dun worry about her. i'll take a good care of her. will try my best to help her from feeling sick or whatsoever. gud luck for ur exam bro!

syafawani said...

hehe..tq..pray 4 me ya!! hoping that u'd oways be here..

mirachantek said...

berdoalah, moga diperkenan.

semoga sembuh ya,

syafawani said...

thanks oshinz!hehe..what a kind of u dear:) n oso..thanks mira ya.

Mr.P said...

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta:
tq sis, appreciate your help so much.
she could never go thru alone without your help.
n tq for the wish.. :)

i do always pray for u my dear..
i wish i could be there too..

tq mira..please pray for her too..