12 January 2010

Let Me Take Your Life Away

This hasn't came to my mind before
Yes, I was shocked by the news
Even though it isn't my business
But indeed, I'm part of the family

I know I'm too young to handle things like this
But I'm wise enough to think the right way
You're pulling out shits for your own sake
And yet it stains all over our body

You stand tall among us
You were more educated than us
I looked at you as a gold
But frankly you're just a mere asshole

I pity her so much
As well as my dearest little one
She's still doesn't know what the world is like
And why the hell are you ruined their lives??

If a 9 mil pointing at your head
I'll be the one who pulled the trigger
Despite you're a god damn animal
But you're still my brother

I'm hoping for a change
If I can be a help just tell me what to do
So I could be there to grab you
Whenever you're hang on for your dear life


syafawani said...

this must b something serious?

Mr.P said...

it is..