14 February 2011

A Joke On Planet Uranus!

Who did actually played Mass Effect 2 game? Well, I did. It was a year since I left it. I completed all the missions with one exception. The game provides us with ability to mine a planet for ore or minerals that will be used in the game. I didn't explore all the planets for mining job.

So I played again and went to explore the Solar System instead of any alien planets. After planets by planets, I stumbled upon Uranus, the 7th planet from the sun. With scanner I detected some minerals. In order to mine, the starship has to send a probe down to the planet to get the mineral. So I carefully placed the scanner onto the target and clicked to launch the probe.

Then comes the funniest part. Normally the ship's computer will say 'probe away' or 'sending probe' when I clicked on the target. This time it says, 'really Commander?'. I was like wth? Is it a glitch? Then, when the second probe I launched the computer said 'probing Uranus'. At first I didn't expect anything but then when I remembered back what the computer said at first.......WTF?!! The computer actually said 'probing your anus'?? I laughed my ass off!

Is it the game developer being pervert or it's just me? =D

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