08 February 2010

Girls, Sex and Respect

In many ways, do we have to respect girls? How can we show them respect? In what way? What are the dos and don'ts? Frankly, I don't even know what kind of things that is important in order to respect girls. Whatever they are, I just did what I think is right to respect them, ethically.

In most cases, girls have always been raped by words, literally. I mean sexual harassment in verbal forms such as jokes, obscene language and suggestive remarks. Don't get fooled, sometimes they know what we meant. If you're in that situation, you're doomed.

Maybe you will think she doesn't know, can fool her again and continue laughing instead. In reality, they will leave a mark on your damn forehead saying you're a sex maniac. That is what we should avoid the most. Once it happened, don't even think they would treat you the same again. It shows you're pathetic, shameless, and desperate. Desperate is a harsh word if you think thoroughly.

The worst case scenario, it is irreversible. Nothing you can do make it right again. Don't even think about trying to make it up. It won't work. Once they ignored you, you'll be invisible to them. Nothing they see nice about you. Anything which is bad, they'll notice because that is what you really are. They won't respect you and loosing respect means loosing your dignity.

Bear in your mind, girls want sex as much as guys or maybe more, but in a respectable and romantic way. Not to treat them as a whore. For us, Muslims, marriage means romantic enough to them and respectable indeed. Having sexual intercourse before marriage? I definitely labeled it as desperate.

Don't get me wrong. I just wrote this as in my point of view because I see lots of guys didn't do it right. Especially for those who are still in immaturity. Wake up guys! You wanted to be cool, to be hot in front of girls? Show them some respect first.


mirachantek said...

define dignity cos i think most guys have lost that. so they dont care nemore.

honour, riches, marriage, blessing,
long continuance, and increasing,
hourly joys, be still upon you,
Juno sings her blessings on you.

syafawani said...

please respect us ok..huhu
please be a good boy to your own gf..
please don't take any girls for granted..
appreciate them just like what they always do to boys..
girls have such a very fragile heart and don't simply wreck it..:)
life is a cyclical process..
remember ya..hehe

Mr.P said...

dignity means a lot to me. it's a tool for me to earn respect from others. the tempest?hmm..nice!

yes dear..i always bear in mind that karma really does has a role in our life. it's okay to choose evil, but suffer the consequences later.

mirachantek said...

try reading the tempest, you'll find black next ahead as you close your eyes soon after that.

Anonymous said...

bro, gua xfaham la bro..

Mr.P said...

bro..ayat mudah je tu bro.tkkn xphm lg?