15 January 2011

Coup D'etat

Things are resonating
Yell as loud as I could to you 
Yet it bounces back 
Slapped my face 

The ripples above 
Changed the way you look 
Altered your perception to me 
Took my breath every now and then 

It's seconds before I could reach you 
And tell you how stupid I am
For not being able to listen 
And for being able to listen 

brace for impact .....


mirachantek said...


Mr.P said...

i know its too fucking poetic that i could write about a big headed girl, which i know u dont fucking give a damn about and but inevitably i did write this shithead and u make it silly for which i know its none of your damn concern...

wahh...puas ati dapat maki lpas tension study pengukuran dan analisis dalam sukan..haha!

iniialahaku said...

haha..chillax ar pali..tnsen2 pa nya ni?

apezs shah said...


Saya datang nak jemput JOIN contest dari blog saya. ;)

Nur Ardilla Najwa said...