27 November 2010


Have anyone of you let your partner go out with another guy/girl? Of course by that I mean your lover. It doesn't matter his/her colleague, friend, online friend, a friend of a friend, an ex yada yada yada...... Have you did and knowing that nothing would happen?

For me, at first... I might not mind. You know, trying to be a cool guy, don't want my jealousy aroused and took control over myself. But in the end it's like butterflies crawling, chewing inside my stomach. The anxiety and curiosity begin to dampening my mood, my judgement. I might thinking what are they doing? What are they talking about? Did they hold hands?

I think there are plenty of couples out there don't really mind to let their partner go out with somebody. Professionally or not, that isn't the issue anymore. Bullshit I would say. But seriously, even I have much faith to my partner, I still can't be that cool.

So tell me guys, have you ever let your partner go out with someone else? So how do you deal with those butterflies in you? :D


mirachantek said...

ehem. ehem.
**tengok cermin jap**

dah kata ada much faith kan, believe in it dah la. ease yourself with good and positive thoughts.
most partners cherish the trust given to em, so mostly they would try to keep that intact by not doing some sort of stuff that may upset the other party.

so..have faith la. dont be nosy by asking stuff. biar dia cerita, itu lebih honest rather than answering some jealousy-like questions.
kalo mira akan rasa macam orang tu tak percaya enough kat mira je bila tanya2. oh maybe sebab mira memang suka cerita semua benda kan...

lain orang lain cara handle...
jangan risau sangat..nanti jadi hal. keep it cool sudeyh.

beb said...

haha.. aku baru rasa da..
ckp je direct ko jeles, open conversation.

Mr.P said...

ada trust n faith pon xbyk membantu tau..setan byk je cucuk2 suh pk yg bkan2..haha

whoa beb..shock and awe..serang je direct kn?menarik idea tu..
sng citer kalo ckp je direct kte ni jeles..
tergadai la pendirian cool aku..xhensem aa.haha!

Daria said...

u r like my fiance....got butterflies inside his stomach, but act cool...i find it sooooo cute ;) haha

Mr.P said...

so that was cute...really?
looking forward to be like him.. :D

Daria said...

when guys pretend to act cool, we, girls knew it, that u guyz are not that cool actually :P

that makes they look cute fo me... ;)

Mr.P said...

so...cool but not cool?yaikks

mishl i n z said...


The insecurity is a part of jealousy.For ex, If you are staying out late with a friend and do not call or engage your partner in any way in your friendship, you may need to create some changes in your performance. But if your partner is noisy because you have friends, you both need to agree on the boundaries of your relationship, and stick to them.

Plus, communication is the key as always ;).

But, you can calm your partner concern and worry and give confidence to her to also spend time with your own circle of friends (if you don't mind). Let her know that friends and family are important to you, but she is the most important person in your life.

That's it ;).

Mr.P said...

whoa..nicely said
and thanx
i'd gladly keep that in mind.. :)