20 May 2010

A Friend at 2.39 AM

My eyes are sore, cigarette between my fingers, my laptop's fans are buzzing and I still can't get into sleep. Is it just my bad habit or perhaps a disorder? What ever the answer is, I don't care. Oh damn! This is my last cigarette. The box is empty and I'm too lazy to get my ass to the 7E.

I don't know what bothers me, but I'm kinda missing all my friends lately. I want a reunion. But I'm too down to the earth to meet them. Yeah, I bet you know why. I was in boarding school before. All my colleagues were some crazy genius asses. Now they are doctors, engineers, chemists and pilots. Me? I'm a god damn teacher. Nothing really special about it.

Well, it's true what my dad used to say before -"One day you're going to feel ashamed of yourself when everybody around you had a better, successful career than you do". Yes dad. I feel it now. I've done nothing special in my life except spending my god damn 15 years just for study. I've spoiled my records in high school, wasted a year in matriculation and currently in IPG and yet I never achieved something proud for myself.

But yesterday my friend said something that would change my pathetic mind. Seriously he's the guy who make my day. He said, "If you want to be success, look at the people above you. If you feel left behind, look at the people beneath you". Thanks dude. I thought I don't have any REAL friends anymore.


~~masha~~ said...

Alala..ciannye palie..jgn le sedey k..ramei lg kot geng2 batch kte jdi cikgu..jgn pndg rndah kt cikgu..cikgu2 ni la kje yg plg mulia dlm mendidik anak bangsa..k palie..jgn down k..juz b chill je..n gudluck , may u success in everything u do k dear..

syafawani said...

Please be grateful of what u have or what u r rite now..let bygone be bygone and try to bright up ur future with something better..:)
Don't u think that i'm ur REAL friend? cubit maww?:p

Mr.P said...

thanks for the motivation sha..at 1st mmg pikir down je..tp pikir2 blk.there's no downside. instead ada org lain lg yg tidak bernasib baik.so pali patut bersyukur apa yg ada..anyway thanx

amau cubit..hehe.yeah..you are a GREAT friend.yeah i should be thankful.at least i've found something proud for myself..it's YOU. =)

I just wanna BLOG. said...

Hey dude.
I know how u feel.. Been thru the same thing as well.
But life is all bout moving forward. Why trap urself in the past? You know u just have to wake up and keep moving on. Nothing is impossible, u just have to work it out the correct way. I believe u can. :)

Mr.P said...

Ms Yee:
What you're saying is true. Why trapped in the past? I messed up myself before. But I could keep moving on. The future is more important right? Anyway..thanks a lot =)

dafFodiLs (",) said...

Mr. P,being a teacher is also great what??there are so many2 people out there trying so hard to be at ur place,juz b cool n keep on moving k!

Mr.P said...

dafFodiLs (",):
yeah you're right but it's not only about career ms daff..anyway thanks.keep moving on

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

cikgu tu pekerjaan yang paling mulia kot. cikgu yang baik akan sentias terlekat dalam hati setiap pelajar. hey.. percayalah. satu hari nanti anda bukan hanya sekdar cikgu biase. mane tau bleh jadi naib canselor? so.. jangan sesal dengan keadaan diri skrg ni.

Mr.P said...

wow!naik canselor?hihi..
jadi researcher suda cam datin you all tu..ley?haha
anyway thanks sis, looking forward to do better..